Monday, March 14, 2011

How to Prevent Eye Diseases

Eyes are undoubtedly the most important sense organ of our body. It is very important that we protect our eyes since even a minor injury might cause major problems. Along with our age, the possibility of occurrence of eye diseases becomes higher and higher. Also small children are at equal risk of getting caught by eye diseases since the plasticity of eye is higher. However, with some precaution it is possible to avoid such diseases.

Preventive Steps for Eye Diseases

The following precautions help one to prevent eye diseases:

  • One should avoid smoking since smoking causes diseases like cataract, macular degeneration, glaucoma etc.
  • Protect the eyes from sunlight especially from intense and direct light. Since sunlight contains ultra violet rays, which again leads to disease like macular degeneration, cataracts etc. one can use things like hats, sunglasses or any such thing in order to avoid direct contact of eyes with sun.
  • Personal hygiene is very important to be maintained since if by mistake you put your fingers in your eyes which are infected, then you may catch various infectious diseases. Also avoid using other people’s handkerchief, towel or basin.
  • Explosive or sharp material or substances like lime powder should not be brought near the eyes since it may cause injuries.  Keep eyes away from harsh chemicals and wash your hands thoroughly after direct contact with them.
  • Light stimulation should be avoided.
  • Do not use bright light for the purpose of writing or reading.
  • Distance of minimum thirty centimeters should be maintained from the reading material while you read or write. Also the body should be kept still while you read or write.
  • Give a rest of at least a minute to your eyes after every hour while reading or writing since continuous reading or writing for hours may cause fatigue.
  • Eye exercises should be performed every day to keep the eye sight sharp.
  • Balanced diet is also very important to prevent eye disease. Fresh vegetables and fruits should be included in the diet. Green vegetables are very good for eyes. Beta carotene, vitamin E and vitamin C should be included in daily diet.
  • Daily exercise not only keeps the body fit and strong but also prevents eye diseases. Since it helps avoiding diabetes and other such diseases that causes eye diseases.
  • Natural ingredients like honey, cold water, fennel seeds can be used to make washes which are very good for eye care.
  • Vaccinium myrtillus or bilberry is a good herb for improving eye health. It restores the eyes to a trouble free state by strengthening the capillaries of eyes and preventing eye disease.
  • Carrots are rich in vitamin A and beta carotene, which is an essential element for the goodness of eye. So the most affordable remedy for curing eye diseases and keeping the eye in a good state is to include carrots in your daily diet.
  • Aspalathus linearis and sutherlandia frutescens acts  as an antioxidant which is very good for preserving a healthy supply of oxygen, blood and other necessary nutrients in the body.
  • Develop proper sleep habits as keeping awake late into the night can cause eye fatigue leading to eye and health problems and also make you sleepy during the day. 

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