Monday, February 21, 2011

Vision Improvement Exercises

When you have a blur in your vision, you may approach a doctor for treatment. The doctor would diagnose and advice you to wear a glass or to go for a laser surgery. However, many are not aware of the fact that your vision could be improved via exercise which even doctors agree.

Vision improvement exercises not only improve your vision but also boost your self- esteem. These are very powerful and strong when followed strictly. A vision improvement exercise gives you good results when practiced in the morning and does not cost you much time.

Relax Your Eyes
You need to relax your eyes before you start any kind of vision improvement exercises for better results. To relax your eyes, you must close your eyes for a while.

Vision Improvement Exercises
Below are the few vision improvement exercises that you can practice on a daily basis though there are plenty of them. They can be done easily and at convenient times.

  • Rotating your eyes is another kind of vision improvement exercises at the same time very effective as well. This exercise is the best exercise for those who stare at the computers for long durations. Roll your eyes like a circle and repeat it in the opposite direction and do this for a few times.  Don’t forget to blink in between each cycle.
  • Take a soft ball and tie it with a string from the ceiling. Write letters and numbers in different sizes in the ball. Then swing the ball from one end to another end. Call out the numbers or letters that you see. This exercise is very easy, comfortable and more effective in improving your eyesight.
  • Have a seat in a comfortable chair and take a pencil or a pen. Focus your vision towards the pen or pencil for few minutes. Make sure that the pen or pencil is near to your eyes while you are focusing. After few minutes take your eyes off from the pen or pencil and stare some other object that is located at a distant of 10 feet. Repeat the exercise a few times.
  • Blinking exercise is the next exercise where many people don't even consider it worthwhile to do. You just need to blink for every three or four seconds. You can do this while you are reading newspaper or watching TV or while relaxing.
  • Move your eyes up and down, starting from up to down for 8 times. Then follow it up with the side to side eye movement, starting from left to right. Repeat this 8 times.
  • Breathing Exercise - Lie down on your back and take deep breaths slowly. Practice this for 4 or 5 times a day as it is highly effective in removing tension from the whole body including the eyes.
  • Massage Your Eyes – After washing your hands keep your eyes closed and massage your eyes gently using circular motions. Do this for about 2 minutes and repeat after 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Palming – Rub your palms till they become slightly warm. Cup your hands and place them on your closed eyes making sure to leave the nose open.  No light should enter your eyes and remain so for 2 minutes.
 You can most certainly get rid of glasses if you practice these vision improvement exercises on a daily basis.

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